Adult Classes (10 a.m.)

New Horizons Class

(Education Wing, room 204) New Horizons is a diverse group that focuses on growing our faith and knowledge of the Lord, scripture, and how we are to live each day.

Heritage Bible Class

(Education Wing, room 205) Heritage Bible Class contains older folks who are young at heart and love to study God’s word. Come join them to pray, sing, and study as they continue a journey of learning how to apply God’s teachings in our daily lives.

Genesis Class

(Education Wing, room 206) Genesis is an adult support group using contemporary Bible-related publications to stimulate faith-based discussions. Leaders alternate and lessons are selected by the group. The class also meets regularly for socials, parties, theater, meals and community service.

Homebuilders Class

(Disciple Center, room 17) The Homebuilders Class seeks to strengthen families by building a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. The class includes married couples and singles with both young and mature members representing a variety of religious backgrounds. Bible studies focus on marriage and family.

Selah Class

(Disciple Center, room 14) The Selah Class welcomes married couples, singles, younger and more mature members from all religious backgrounds.  The class uses a variety of resources as we work together to understand what the Bible has to say about how we live our daily lives.

The Well, Young Adult Class

(Disciple Center, room 15) This class welcomes college students, young adults, and young couples to join in learning more about God in a relaxed environment.

Heritage United Methodist Church