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Minister of Music: Dr. Shane McDonald


I was born in Minot, North Dakota.

My mother, when 6 months pregnant with me, decided to go camping, in February in North Dakota. I suspect this is why I prefer cold weather. At 6 weeks old, my family moved to DeFuniak Springs, Florida. I do not recall this incident, but at age five I told the organist at my church that I would have her job one day. Thus, my fate was sealed; even after trying to avoid it for years.

By 10th grade I was a substitute organist, and by 12th grade I had my first part-time position. After high school, I took a year to finish my Associate's degree; then went to Florida State University, where I took four years of organ lessons and nothing but music courses to earn my Bachelors of Music in Composition with a certificate in Church Music. I then received my Master of Music in Music Composition at Westminster (New Jersey).

Finally, I received my Doctor of Music Composition from Florida State University. I originally thought I might teach at a university, but timing wasn't good when I graduated. After I received my first full-time job in music as choral master in Sandersville, GA, I became convinced that my life was church music. I have served churches in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.  I look forward to adding Virginia to this list.

I am excited about being part of your music and worship ministries.

You each have a role to play in our musical offerings in worship.

The congregation is the most important choir, and I am looking forward to your contribution.

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