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HUMC Leadership Team Update from January 18 Meeting:

Heritage United Methodist Church

Leadership Team Meeting Summary

January 18, 2022

Attending (via Zoom): Jeff Brown, Rev. Amy Beth Coleman, LeRon Howard, Bob and Linda Ingram, Susan Jones, Rev. Taeshin Kim, George and Linda McConnell, Kevin McCoy, Steve Safritt

Opening prayer/Devotion: George opened the meeting with prayer at 6:30, and offered a devotion from Winning on Purpose: How to Organize Congregations to Succeed in Their Mission by John Edmund Kaiser.

Celebrating new people and ministries:

  • New people attending worship that have been engaging with Amy Beth and have been added to the midweek mail. 

  • 2 new small group opportunities that will be offered by church members in the near future

Progress on goals: Reviewed the four goals formulated at the Leadership Retreat

  1. Determine by 1/31/22 if we move forward with the proposal from the Wesley Community Development Corp (Wesley CDC).

  2. Create by 6/30/22 a system of follow-up with worship guests.

  3. Establish by 12/31/22 a plan of action to increase our small group ministry.

  4. Review by 5/1/2022 the overall music ministry and determine next steps for that ministry. 

Pressing issues: Wesley Community Development Center: After lengthy discussion and a thorough review of both the site report dated April 2021 and a letter of engagement dated October 2021, the Leadership Team approved the proposal to move forward with Wesley CDC at a cost of approximately $30,000. This opportunity to work with Wesley CDC will include: 

  • a space utilization study

  • an audio/visual study of the sanctuary

  • investigation of any additions/changes to the current facilities

  • analyzation of property characteristics and zoning guidelines and meet with the necessary local officials

  • congregational input into any proposed projects

  •  master site plan

  •  financial and budgeting models for full impact

We are excited for the opportunities this proposal offers for HUMC to further engage with our surrounding community, use our resources to their full potential, and create a lasting, sustainable impact on the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Questions from reports: 

  • The minutes from the previous meeting on January 4 were approved.

  • Facilities Review:

    • Maintenance of Heat Pumps. 20 outdoor units to maintain and we have a current contract with Southern Air ($4,050) which expires the end of Feb. 2022. Leadership Team agreed to renew the contract with the stipulation it increases by no more than 10%.

    • Rooftop Unit needs replaced at approximately $9,000. No action taken.

    • Trailer and Bus – analyze need for them as related to our current usage and mission. Selling them is an option. No action taken.

    • Lawn Care Equipment – New large mower needed – $15,000 no action taken.

    • Parking lot sealing $30,000 – no action taken as this time. This will be addressed in the site study with Wesley CDC. 


Recap (action items): 

  • Individual tasks were reviewed and assigned prior to the next meeting.

  • Guiding Principles (setting boundaries for our work together) will be developed over the next month by the Leadership Team, and discussed at February meeting

  • February meeting will focus on music ministry overview

Closing prayer: Taeshin closed the meeting with prayer at 8:20.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be on February 8 at 6:30.

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