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HUMC Leadership Team Update from April 12 Meeting:

Heritage United Methodist Church

2022-04-12 Leadership Team meeting Summary

Person’s present (online meeting): Amy Beth Coleman, Kevin McCoy, Steve Safritt, Jeff Brown, George and Linda McConnell, LeRon Howard, Bob Ingram, Taeshin Kim, Susan Jones

Devotion and opening prayer: George led a devotion from Diana Butler Bass. It discussed the origins of Methodism and how it challenged the existing Anglican church structure. George challenged us to live up to our Methodist heritage.

Celebrating new people and ministries: 

  • Amy Beth mentioned some guests who have been attending and shared a card from a couple. 

  • Eggstravaganza was a good outreach time to our community. 

  • May Mission Week, 16th-20th, Larry Fordham coordinating

George asked for approval of the minutes from March 8. The minutes were approved.

Pressing issues and progress toward goals: George asked about progress toward our goals: 

  • Wesley Community Development (WCD) and our ongoing partnership

    • Information has been provided for them in their ongoing study 

  • Update on search for new Minister of Music

    • Working on updating job description and will be posted after Easter

  • Welcoming, Engaging, and Connecting with guests

    • Amy Beth recommended that we work on small groups goal next, after her return from vacation on April 27.

  • George challenged us all, as an assignment for the next meeting, to consider what small groups entail and how we can build them. 

  • Ideas were shared about some possible small groups and communicating those with the congregation

Discussion of reports: 

  • Property Reports provided by Steve

    • Individual duties were assigned and discussed

    • LeRon is Property Use Coordinator so usage requests will be forwarded to him. 

  • Some of the reports were just drafts; they have not been approved by the respective committees.

  • Finance Report provided by Cindy

    • Discussion about insurance. Consensus reached to stay with Brotherhood.

  • Staff Report

    • Discussed staff evaluations

Recap (action items): 

  • Minister of Music job description will be finalized

  • Based on CDC recommendations, current masking signage will be removed

  • Property needs addressed

  • “Town Hall” style meeting will be offered to congregation concerning work of the Leadership Team


Closing prayer: Amy Beth closed the meeting with prayer at 20:07.

Next meeting: According to the regular schedule, the next meeting will be on May 10 at 18:30.

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