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Tuesday 6:30 PM

Leader: Linda Ingram

Coordinator: Rev. Taeshin Kim

Place: 1426 Cuddington Lane, Fellowship Hall Kitchen


Cooking with Linda and Taeshin, A fun night full of cooking, good eats, and history of the Old City Cemetery.  

The session is based for the most part on the book, Food to Die For.  

The class will be held at the Ingram household starting at 6:30.  There will even be a tour of the Old City Cemetery. Taeshin and Linda will be doing the cooking with willing participants.

Food to Die For

Faithful Household Stewards

A demonstration of common household repairs and maintenance activities grounded in Biblical teachings.


Monday 6:30 PM

Leader: Steve Safritt

Coordinator: Susan Jones

Place: 107 Village Road, Church

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