2022 Fall Connection Sessions

Fall Connection Sessions

October 2 ~ December 2


Youth Basketball

"promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports"  This session will focus on using our gifts as a Church to engage youth and our community by starting a youth basketball League at HUMC.


Tuesday 6:30 PM

Leader: LeRon Howard

Coordinator: Bob Ingram

Place: Disciple Center Gym & Zoom Meeting



A study for the doubters, the disappointed and the disillusioned, and those that would like to have possible answers to those questions. This study is based on the book by the same name authored by Brian McLaren.

The book presents in 10 chapters reasons that many people are falling away from organized Christian communities or do not see the need to join Christian communities. The next 10 chapters present reasons to stay connected to Christian communities. The last 8 chapters discuss how we might help ourselves and others find relevance in staying in or joining Christian communities. Where ever you are in your journey,

I believe you will find this study definitely thought-provoking and enlightening.


Wednesday 6:30 PM

Leader: George McConnell 

Place: Room 206

Do I stay a Christian?

Five languages of love for children

The 5 love languages for children are a parent’s best tool to deeply connect with their children and fill their children's lives and hearts with love.


Wednesday 9:30 AM

Leader: Linda McConnell 

Coordinator: Alice Fordham

Place: Welcome Center