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HUMC Leadership Team Update from February 8 Meeting:

Heritage United Methodist Church

2022-02-08 Leadership Team meeting

Persons present (online meeting): Jeff Brown, Amy Beth Coleman, LeRon Howard, Bob and Linda Ingram, Susan Jones, Taeshin Kim, George and Linda McConnell, Kevin McCoy, Steve Safritt

Opening prayer/Devotion 

George opened the meeting with prayer at 6:30, and offered a devotion from Rachel Held Evans about the rewards of growing in faith. 

Celebrating new people and ministries:

  • New people attending worship and connections made with them

  • New small group, The Well, for parents and caregivers in our preschool families starts March 1st.

  • Mission team working on meeting a current need with a new attendee .

Progress toward goals: 

  1. Wesley Community Development Corporation:

    1. They have been onsite providing detailed measurements 

    2. Currently working on demographic studies of our community and attendees

    3. Have a February 23rd site visit planned for audio/visual audit for sanctuary and any other determined needs

    4. Discussed local architects at Wesley’s request. Steve would research who we had used before. Wesley will work with local city offices as we determine plans going forward.

    5. Discussed how to best provide updates about Wesley’s work to congregation. George asked what we wanted to communicate to the congregation about our work with Wesley Community Development Corp (WCDC). Midweek Mail will provide a link to WCDC’s web site, and monthly updates will be included in the Leadership Team’s meeting summaries.

  2. Create a System of Follow-up with Worship Guests (6/30/22)

  3. Establish a plan of action to increase our small group ministry (12/30/22)

  4. Review overall music ministry and determine next steps for that ministry (5/1/22)

Pressing issues: 

  • Guiding Principles

    • Sample from Mission Possible (Kay Kotan) was shared with the group.

    • Guiding Principles provide boundaries for our work together and allow us to organize and delegate the work of the church.

    • Guiding Principles are a dynamic document that will be adjusted as we live into our new structure and the needs of Heritage UMC.

    • Does not replace anything from The Book of Discipline.

    • Started with areas that consume a large amount of time (such of the former Trustees committee responsibilities). Some items will be delegated among the Leadership Team, and others would be shared by members of congregation. 

      • Facilities Use Coordinator to review and approve Facility Use Applications with Amy Beth. LeRon Howard volunteered.

      • Facilities Management Team will be established to help with upkeep of the buildings and campus. Steve shared a list of current contracts we have. Some are updated annually. List of responsibilities will be ongoing over the next year as we live into this guiding principle.

      • Discussed need for contacts in case of emergency with groups using the facility.

    • Senior Pastor will be responsible for hiring, supervising and need for staff changes. Leadership Team will approve salaries (along with budget) and provide input. 

    • Senior Pastor will make sure we do not miss any deadlines for District or Conference responsibilities. 

    • George, Linda and Amy Beth will compose the guidelines we have already discussed and approved. These will be shared before next meeting and document will be shared with the congregation in monthly summaries.

  • Music Ministry

    • Amy Beth met with Sandy Matthes to discuss schedules for instrument maintenance, the music library, orchestra, and hymn selection.

    • Discussed options for Music Ministry Position

    • Subcommittee of Leadership Team will develop new job description and then help with the interview/hiring process. Jeff Brown and Bob Ingram volunteered. 


Questions from reports: 

  • Children/Youth Ministry Team

  • Finance Report

    • Cindy sent the wrong report to team so Amy Beth shared some highlights and would ask Cindy to send the correct reports.

      • Year-to-date giving for 2022 is about 10,000 more than last year. 

      • More folks gave full amount for the year in January

      • Loss in United Methodist Foundation Account due to declining stock market.

  • Amy Beth will be sharing each month a written staff report.

    • Still looking to hire a new preschool director – working with Linda Ingram

  • Facilities Maintenance Team (Steve) will be sharing a written report.

  • Senior Ministry, Scholarship and Preschool Ministry will also provide reports as they meet.


Other Items and Recap of Action Items

  • Minutes approved from previous two meetings. 

  • Leadership Team minutes and reports will be stored on a Dropbox folder

  • Susan will be helping Amy Beth update Staff policies for Leadership Team review over the next few months.

  • Reviewed Preschool Masking Policy - received favorable feedback from parents.

  • Individual Tasks were reviewed and assigned to be completed prior to next meeting.

Closing Prayer – Taeshin offered 

Next Meeting -  March 8th, 6:30 pm

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