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HUMC Leadership Team Update from May 10 Meeting:

Heritage United Methodist Church

2022-05-10 Leadership Team meeting

Persons present (in person): Amy Beth Coleman, George and Linda McConnell, Bob and Linda Ingram, Taeshin Kim, Susan Jones; (online): Jeff Brown, LeRon Howard, Kevin McCoy

Devotion and opening prayer: George opened with  a devotion and prayer. 

Celebrating new people and ministries: 

  • Amy Beth updated the team about guests attending worship.

  • Taeshin presented information about “Fresh Expressions” He is exploring using one of their resources to engage with community members and church members. More information forthcoming. 

 Progress toward goals: 

Minutes from April 12th approved

Wesley Community Development: 

  • Amy Beth received an offer to analyze giving by age group and compare it to local demographics. This is additional data for us to use, at no extra charge.

Small groups: Our goal is to have a plan to promote small groups by the end of the calendar year. 

  • Amy Beth recommended the book Activate, which discusses how to implement small groups as tool for ministry. The Leadership Team will read this book and discuss at next meeting. 


  • Discussion on engaging with guests.

  • Coffee and pastries will be offered again in the Welcome Center

  • Plan to formulate a system to connect, engage and disciple guests. 


Pressing issues: 


Effect of United Methodist Church – Global Methodist Church (UMC-GMC) split

  • Leadership Team will begin meeting to discuss as a team – identity of Heritage and options for moving forward

  • Small group opportunities will be presented to congregation for individual discernment, input ,and questions about the UMC and matters of human sexuality.


Music director: 

  • Susan reported that the job description is complete. There will be two rounds of interviews. There will be an announcement in Midweek Mail.

Questions about reports: 


  • Update to signatories on checks: We agreed to have John Meade (treasurer), Deneen Safritt (assistant treasurer), and George McConnell (Leadership Team chair) as possible check signers. 

  • Kathy Ogle has been asked to audit the church accounts for Conference Reports.

  • Discussed current assets and cash flow.

  • Plan to ask David Carter to lead a discussion about HUMC’s investment strategy. 

Property management: 

  • Steve provided two reports. 

  • Reviewed an approval from Southern Air in accordance with the guiding principals. He had a bill from Southern Air for $3300, and Jeff approved payment in accordance with the guiding principles. 

  • Two bids presented for carports. No decision made. 

  • Preschool Report provided from Linda. PMT still seeking a Director. 

  • There has been at least one mouse in the building. Susan said that the exterminator will handle catching mice but charges extra for mouse exclusion.

Pastoral evaluations:

  • There will be a separate meeting at 1:00  on May 17 to prepare clergy valuations. Supporting information was provided in an email on May 9.

  • Amy Beth reminded us that this is a review of the pastor, whereas the January review is an appointment recommendation focusing on the match between the pastor and the congregation. 


  • Action items reviewed.

Closing prayer: Taeshin closed the meeting with prayer at 20:37.

Upcoming meetings: 

  • May 17th 1:00 for the specific purpose of Clergy 

  • May 26th 6:30 Leadership Team will meet to denominational issues. (Postponed) 

  • The next regular meeting will be on June 14 at 18:30 (Cancelled)

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