Heritage UMC Drive-in Outdoor Worship Requirements

Prior to the Sunday service:

•You do not have to register however we will record attendance by name.

Day of the Service
•Please monitor your symptoms. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.
•Make sure that you have a face mask with you in case of an emergency or you get out of the car.
Arriving at the Church
•Please use the entrance closest to Timberlake (North side), and drive in front of the church.
•When you reach the lower parking lot, a volunteer will direct you to where you can park.
•We will be parking every other space as indicated.
•Tune your radio to the FM station 92.1
During the service
•You will be sent the words via email to any songs we will be playing
•The service will last approximately 45 minutes.
After the service
•You will exit at the lower parking lot entrance closest to Greenview. Please follow the directional arrows so everyone is driving in the parking lot in the same direction.
•If you are inside the median (closest to the church building) you will drive towards the Disciple Center, in front of the dumpsters, and then through the outside of the median to exit.
•If you are on the outside of the median, drive straight to the exit without circling the lot.
•You will be able to exit the vehicle and sit on lawn chairs in front of your vehicle or in back of your truck. You must still maintain 6-ft. social distancing. If you exit your vehicle you do have to wear a mask.
•Access to the building requires completion of a Health Acknowledgement Form.
****These are all requirements from the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church released June 15th, 2020.





Heritage UMC Limited In-Person Worship Requirements

 Prior to Sunday Service:

  • You must register by Friday to attend to attend the worship service

Day of the Service:

  • Take your temperature. If you have a fever or are feeling ill, please stay home.
  • Complete the online Health Acknowledgement Form (found at http://www.evc.vaumc.org/home/). You will not be able to attend the service without a completed Health Acknowledgement Form.
  • Bring a mask with you. You will be required to wear the mask at all times in the building.


  • Parking will be in the upper parking lot on the other side of the sanctuary and Welcome Center. There will be attendants to help you park so that you will be able to exit/enter your car at a safe social distance.

Entering the Building:

  • Please put on your mask before entering the building. You will be required to keep your mask on at all times.
  • Enter the building at the Welcome Center (under the bell tower) entrance.
  • Someone will be inside to accept your Health Acknowledgement Form.
  • You will be directed to the sanctuary. The seating will be marked to ensure that proper social distancing is followed.
  • No other areas of the building are open yet except the Welcome Center, sanctuary, narthex and restrooms

During the service:

  • No bulletin will be distributed.
  • No greeting or passing of the peace time.
  • No offering will be taken. We encourage you to continue giving in the same manner you have been the past few months. However, you may place your offering in a basket when you enter the Welcome Center.
  • No singing – this includes congregational, choir, and Discovery singers.
  • An ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter will be interpreting the service.
  • You can share an emoji during the service for response. These may be found to print at https://www.humclynchburg.org/worship-extras/.


Exiting the Building:

  • Please exit through the right transept door on the side of the church. You will be directed to leave by the ushers. If you need to leave at the exit ramp please let the ushers know and they can assist you.


Heritage United Methodist Church