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2023 Winter Connection Sessions

Winter Connection Sessions

February 6 ~ March 31, 2023

Faithful Household Stewards

A look at common household repair and maintenance activities grounded in Biblical teachings. We will be looking at fixing dripping faucets, unclogging sinks, repairing/replacing toilet parts, replacing electrical receptacles and switches, demystifying 3-way light switches, drywall repair, vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers.


Monday 6:30 PM

Leader: Steve Safritt

Coordinator: Susan Jones

Place: 107 Village Road, Church


Pickleball Perfection

Promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports!

Whether you are a beginning player who needs to learn the basics or an experienced player, this group is for you! This is open to the community to start an HUMC pickleball.


Wednesday 6:00 PM

Leader: LeRon Howard II

Place: Disciple Center Gym



Monday 6:00 PM

Leader: Linda Ingram

Coordinator: Rev. Taeshin Kim

Place: 1426 Cuddington Lane, Fellowship Hall Kitchen


A fun night full of cooking, good eats, and the history of the places, the food, and the people behind the restuarants in downtown Lynchburg. 

The session is based for the most part on the book, Hill City Eats.  The class will be held at the Ingram household starting at 6:00.  

You will be able to try out some of the recipes used in our downtown restuarants.

Hill City Eats



A study for the doubters, the disappointed and the disillusioned, and those that would like to have possible answers to those questions. This study is based on the book by the same name authored by Brian McLaren.

The book presents in 10 chapters reasons that many people are falling away from organized Christian communities or do not see the need to join Christian communities. The next 10 chapters present reasons to stay connected to Christian communities. The last 8 chapters discuss how we might help ourselves and others find relevance in staying in or joining Christian communities. Where ever you are in your journey,

you will find this study thought-provoking and enlightening.


Tuesday 6:30 PM

Leader: Eric Polstra 

Coordinator: George McConnell

Place: Room 206/Zoom

Do I Stay Christian?

Women's Bible study

For most of us, life is busy and filled with distractions, pulling us in every way but God's way. When we're driven by distraction, it's easy to wander through life without appreciating the gift of every moment. Our time on earth is measured. We should want to make every moment count. In this six-week study of Luke, we will follow the life and ministry of Jesus as we consider the choices He made on the way to the cross. We want to ensure we are living each day to the fullest and making a difference for God's kingdom.


Wednesday 6:30 PM

Leader: Linda McConnell

Coordinator: Christ Dye

Place: Room 206


This session explores how United Methodists can be both obedient to Scripture and fully welcoming to LGBTQ+ identifying individuals. After the session participants will be invited to develop their own perspective on the Biblical passages related to homosexuality.


Tuesday 6:30 PM

Leader: Jeff Brown 

Place: Conference Room/Zoom

Unclobbering the Bible

Crafty Christian

Our craft sessions will provide the opportunity to meet fellow crafters in a time of fellowship and fun.  We will be crafting useful, creative and decorative items for your home or share with your friends.  Each session will open with a devotional that relates to our God-given talents while also thanking God for each participant.  We look forward to sharing some "hidden" talents within our church members. A donation of $10 per person for supplies is appreciated.


Wednesday 1:30 PM

Leader: Patty Pollard & Marie Daughtrey

Place: Fellowship Hall


Start your day by enjoying breakfast with the Pastor Amy Beth. This is a time for food, fellowship and fun. If you have questions to ask the pastor, here is your opportunity. This group will meet at various restaurants in Lynchburg.


Wednesday 9:00 AM

Leader: Rev. Amy Beth Coleman

Place: Various Restaurants

Pancakes with Pastor ABC

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