First Visit

Pastor Michalides

Questions? Please contact the office for specific gathering dates during this time of transition.

1. What do I wear to worship?

For the more contemporary Discovery service, casual attire is the norm (jeans, t-shirts, shorts). The 11:00 a.m. traditional service is a little more formal, but casual attire is still accepted. At either service, you can expect to see coats, ties, and dresses, as well as blue jeans, khakis, and casual wear. Most other functions are typically “casual.”  Come as you are — we will love you unconditionally!

2. Can children attend worship services?

Children are always welcome in worship at Heritage. Childcare is provided for infants to age three in our nursery located on the main floor of the education building (go through the door at the left front of the sanctuary and down the hallway on your left). There are “Busy bags” filled with children’s activities in the narthex for any child who would like one. Following Children’s Time during the service, children ages 3-6 are invited to attend Children’s Church located in room #208 in the same hallway as the nursery.

3. How do I read the bulletin?

The bulletin is an outline of the order of worship that includes readings, music selections, and other helpful information. There are several signs and symbols in the bulletin that indicate cues for the congregation: * indicates that those who are able are invited to stand; bold print — you are invited to speak aloud with the whole congregation. The congregation sometimes prays aloud together as well as responsive readings between the leader or pastor and the congregation.

4. What worship style should I expect?

Heritage has two styles of worship. The Discovery service (8:45 a.m. in the sanctuary) offers vibrant worship in a more relaxed atmosphere. Music includes contemporary Christian, praise and worship, and updated hymns. Our traditional service (11:00 a.m. in the sanctuary) is more formal in presentation following United Methodist tradition. The music includes choral anthems, organ, handbells, and orchestra.

5. What kind of music will I experience at each service?

Music expresses praise to God through voice and instrument. Hymns and anthems are selected each week to fit scripture texts and the message. We draw upon our rich heritage of traditional hymns as well as more recent hymns and music. At the 8:45 a.m. (Discovery) service, we use projection screens to sing together with the direction of our Discovery Singers. At the 11:00 a.m. service, we sing from two different hymn books.

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